Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Vintage Sandoz Monsoon sports diver automatic watch

This is my first buy this year, I thought I would quit but I could not help it.
Nice in very mint condition of the 70s/80s sporty watch, with original prism crystal.
It came without original bracelet nor strap, so I put on vintage style 19mm tropic rubber strap and it did feel good on the wrist.
Case size about 40mm

Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 will be...

The economy is not going well this year and so do I.
I am slowing down, really slowing down in this hobby.

Seiko Divers 200M 50th Anniversary Special Edition

This is Seiko Divers 200M, 50th. Anniversary special edition with stainless steel body and ceramic bezel.

It is rather late that I write this review. Took me nearly 5 months to come up with my verdict.
There are goods and bads about this Seiko.
Goods first;
1 - unique case & special bezel (ceramic)
2 - good size
3 - nice lume and contrast face make it very easy to read

1- the strap. Too long for a normal wearing. Seiko could have at least given 2 sets of straps or better still a rubber and a steel bracelet
2 - lug-to-lug too short - making it not really nicely sit on the wrist. IMO, heavier watches should have wider lug-to-lug and wider lug size and strap.